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Heatherbank Ethics & Environment

We recognise the concern of the amount of potential damaged cause by the construction industry to the environment. At Heatherbank however, we are always looking for greener and cleaner ways to operate our sites.

Heatherbank has recently introduced an environmental method statement including an agreed action plan which aims to minimise the company’s activities on the environment.

Key Parts of this scheme include:

  • A formal management process which enables the companies and its employees to be kept up to date on all relevant environmental policies and regulations
  • Identifying environmental considerations within key business decisions, projects and activities leading to the introduction of specific method statement and management plans where necessary
  • Preventing pollution and waste education for onsite staff and provision for divided waste where appropriate
  • Adopting environmental procurement strategies and engaging with the contractors / suppliers and others who are equally committed to securing environmental preservation.
  • Encouraging all employees to contribute to the development of policies and best practice guidance alongside providing highly effective, both in house and external training.

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